Dental Space Maintainer for Missing Teeth near Greenville, NC

Baby teeth have more of an impact on permanent teeth than you might think. If your child loses a tooth early, it can negatively affect the development of the incoming secondary tooth. In this instance, space maintainers can be used to promote healthy emergence of the new tooth.

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Space Maintainers: A Solution for Early Tooth Loss Near Greenville, NC

Primary teeth act as placeholders for incoming secondary teeth, guiding it into its final place. If a baby tooth is lost early from decay or an accident, the surrounding teeth often shift, causing the new tooth to come in incorrectly.

Different kinds of custom fixed and removable appliances can be used to maintain your child’s tooth alignment while the new tooth comes in. Finding the right fit for your child will depend on their age, dental history, and the position and number of missing teeth.

While the child has the space maintainer in, they will need to come in more frequently so we can monitor any changes and make adjustments as needed. Learn more about Wilson Pediatric Dentistry, a pediatric dentist in Wilson, NC.

If your child has lost a tooth prematurely, acting quickly is necessary to prevent shifting. Schedule an appointment at Wilson Pediatric Dentistry or contact us at (252) 291-4300.