In light of recent events on social media that have been brought to my attention…

One of the members of our staff has reported an incident of false identity and cyberbullying on Facebook.  

A few parents have mentioned concern as this social media act may have included my name as owner of Wilson Pediatric Dentistry.  Though I do not own a Facebook page, I am aware of the incredible amount of both useful and factual information, as well as “fake news” and negative agendas that people can post online about each other.  Personally, I choose to support things that further myself, my family, and my community in a positive and uplifting manner and I do not make it a habit to engage in gossip or speculation on social media platforms where a few individuals may not share my honest and pure intentions.  Please know that I will be collecting more information to ensure corrective actions are appropriate.

As a woman and minority, I think it goes without saying that I personally value inclusion as a core strength and an essential element of my public service mission.  I will not employ any individual who does not promote inclusive and equitable practices.  

For more information, please review Wilson Pediatric Dentistry’s Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion available at the front desk and on our website.

Because Wilson Pediatric Dentistry does not have a Facebook page to date, all information regarding our office can be found on our website at  Here, useful and important information about our office can be found at any time.

Thank you for helping me to promote oral health care for all children in Wilson and other communities.

Dr. Elmore