Pediatric Dentist near Greenville NC

A pediatric dentist near Greenville, NC, is easy to find with Wilson Pediatric Dentistry. Whether it’s a cavity filling, teeth cleaning, or fluoride treatment, you won’t find any other dentists in Greenville, NC, that can match the Wilson Pediatric experience for your children.

Our team of experienced pediatric professionals provides the care that is required for young smiles in the Greenville area. Our services include:


  • Exams and cleanings
  • Cavity treatments
  • Sealants
  • Disking
  • Space maintainers

We’ll even monitor the development of your child’s teeth and formulate a home care plan to help parents and children alike stay on track to nurturing a healthy smile.

At Wilson Pediatric Dentistry, we provide more than just care for your young one’s teeth. We make sure that their experience visiting the dentist is a positive one with a friendly staff of certified pediatricians and a colorful, kid-oriented facility.   

Plus, Wilson Pediatric Dentistry is the only pediatric dentist in Eastern North Carolina that accepts Medicaid.

Schedule an appointment for your child at our nearby Wilson, NC, location or contact us at 252-291-4300.