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Finding an Emergency Pediatric Dentist: What Parents Should Know About Dental Emergencies

  Accidents happen, but as a parent, you know accidents are far more common when you have children. Falls, sports injuries, and facial trauma often require an extensive search for a pediatric dentist near youRead More »

Teeth Correction Options for the Most Beautiful Smile

  Parents want their children to have beautiful teeth, and while braces are a common solution for teeth correction, they’re not the only solution. When you visit a pediatric dentist in Greenville who will provideRead More »

Do Routine Teeth Cleans Matter? Yes — Here’s Why

  Teeth brushing time: Every parent’s worst nightmare or part of the nightly routine. The problem? No parent ever knows what side that flipped coin will land on in a given night. Spice that upRead More »

Preventing Cavities in Greenville, NC: A Parent’s Guide to Oral Health Habits

  It’s never too early to teach your child good oral health habits. From scheduling regular appointments with an experienced pediatric dentist in Greenville, NC, to creating care routines at home, here are some bestRead More »

The ABCs of Dental Fillings: Understanding the Process

  Tiny teeth deserve big smiles, and dental fillings can play a crucial role in keeping those smiles healthy and bright. Whether you’re a seasoned parent or new to the game, understanding the process ofRead More »

Handling Dental Emergencies: A Guide For Parents

  Dental emergencies can be a source of anxiety for children and parents alike, so knowing how to handle these situations will not only give you confidence but also convey confidence to your distressed child.Read More »

What Is a Dental Emergency?

Knowing when to visit an emergency pediatric dentist can help your child avoid preventable pain, ease your worry, and even save you money in the long run. As the top kids’ dentist in Greenville, NC,Read More »

Why Pediatric Dentists Outshine Regular Dentists

When it comes to your child’s dental care, you may wonder if it’s necessary to seek out a pediatric dentist instead of a regular dentist. Let’s explore the key differences that make a pediatric dentistRead More »

Why Does My Child Keep Getting Cavities?

It can be challenging when your children get cavities, even though you help them brush and try to limit sugary foods. Cavities are common, affecting more than half of kids by age 8, according toRead More »

How Important Are Regular Teeth Cleanings?

If you wonder whether regular dental cleanings are necessary for your child, the answer is yes! Professional teeth cleaning by a pediatric dentist in Greenville, NC, can promote oral health and hygiene. Let’s look atRead More »

Treating Your Child’s Cavities

Maintaining your child’s dental health is essential to their overall well-being, and cavity prevention is a critical aspect of dental health. Need some help keeping your child’s teeth and gums healthy? Here are some tipsRead More »

Learn Healthy Dental Hygiene From a Pediatric Dentist

Dental hygiene is important for overall health, especially for children. If your kids start with a good foundation for oral health, they will carry these lessons into adulthood. Healthy dental hygiene will reduce or preventRead More »

Understanding Disking and Its Role in Dental Health

Understanding Disking and Its Role in Dental Health

As you watch your children’s teeth develop, you may be concerned about alignment and spacing and wonder whether braces are in their future. No one wants to spend money on braces unnecessarily, and the goodRead More »

Common Dental Issues in Children and How a Pediatric Dentist Can Help

  Teaching children healthy dental hygiene at a young age is important to promote oral health and prevent the most common dental issues. Yet, even with regular brushing and a healthy lifestyle, children can faceRead More »

Benefits of Dental Disking

When a child’s permanent teeth come through, it can lead to crowding in the mouth and misalignment. No one wants such an exciting and momentous occasion to be ruined by these concerns, but luckily, thereRead More »

Facts About Oral Disease

Oral disease—what is it and what should parents know? Contrary to what many believe, oral disease isn’t a single condition. It’s actually a group of conditions that can be affected and caused by a rangeRead More »