Teeth Correction Options for the Most Beautiful Smile

Teeth Correction Options for a Beautiful Smile 

Parents want their children to have beautiful teeth, and while braces are a common solution for teeth correction, they’re not the only solution. When you visit a pediatric dentist in Greenville who will provide multiple solutions to promote aligned teeth and ensure optimal oral health, it will be easier to choose the best next steps for your child, whether that’s a cavity treatment with a cavity filling in Greenville or other solutions to ensure straight, aligned, and healthy teeth.

Exploring the Options


Disking is a solution for children who lack the necessary space for incoming permanent teeth. Without enough space, there’s an increased risk of future misalignment or cavities. During the disking process, the pediatric dentist gently shaves off thin layers of the surrounding teeth to make room for incoming teeth, promoting straight teeth and a beautiful smile.

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are a solution for children who lose their baby teeth earlier than usual, causing the surrounding teeth to shift, which results in the misalignment of the new permanent incoming teeth. Space maintainers hold the space and create ample room for the new permanent tooth to come exactly where it needs to be.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

If you’ve been to a pediatric dentist who has recommended that your child wait until they’ve lost all their baby teeth to begin orthodontic treatment, there is another option. Braces aren’t just for teenagers; children as young as six years old make candidates for early orthodontic care to ensure proper alignment and permanent tooth development.

Cavity Treatment

Cavities affect 42% of children between ages two and 11 and often form even after the best oral hygiene. If your child has a cavity, it’s important that you have a dentist who can identify it and stop the decaying process early with a cavity filling in Greenville to ensure optimal oral health and maintain the aesthetics of the tooth.

Routine Dental Care

Routine teeth cleaning and regular examinations are critical to promoting and maintaining a child’s oral health. At a routine appointment, a pediatric dentist in Greenville will evaluate your child’s teeth, identify cavities to treat them early, take steps to reduce the risk of future cavities, and provide a customized treatment protocol to address any concerns so your child develops and maintains a beautiful smile and optimal oral health and hygiene.

Investing in your child’s teeth early on will yield long-term rewards. If you’re looking for a dentist who specializes in pediatric care, we can help. Contact us today at Wilson Pediatric Dentistry to learn more about our services and schedule your child’s first appointment.