Disking Teeth Correction | Straighten Teeth near Greenville, NC

The emergence of permanent teeth is a huge milestone for any child. However, this process doesn’t always go smoothly, and your child’s new teeth may become overcrowded or misaligned. Correct these issues early and straighten incoming teeth with the disking procedure at Wilson Pediatric Dentistry near Greenville, North Carolina.

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Get Teeth Alignment Correction With Dental Disking Near Greenville, NC

As a child’s secondary teeth begin to erupt, there is a risk of teeth not having enough space to come in correctly. In these instances, the teeth may adjust to accommodate the new tooth and become misaligned or crooked. These tightly packed teeth are also more prone to decay.

During the disking procedure, Dr. Elmore will shave off very thin layers of enamel on one or both of the teeth surrounding the incoming tooth. This helps make room for the new tooth and maintain proper alignment. By opting for disking early, you can eliminate the need for costly orthodontic work to straighten teeth down the road.

Typically, Dental X-rays taken during your child’s regular dental exam will reveal if they will benefit from disking.

If your child’s teeth need correction and you would like to learn more about disking, schedule an appointment at Wilson Pediatric Dentistry near Rocky Mount and Knightdale, North Carolina. You can also contact our team at (252) 291-4300.