Early Orthodontic Care Near Greenville, NC

Many see orthopedic treatments, like getting braces, as something that is meant for children in their teens. While most kids do end up waiting until their secondary teeth have all emerged, there are often serious developmental benefits for early orthodontic care when your child is as young as six or seven.

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The Benefits of Early Orthodontic Care Near Greenville, NC

Early orthodontic care, also called interceptive orthodontics, can be used to make sure your child’s permanent teeth are developing in the right position.

This treatment isn’t right for every child, so Dr. Elmore suggests having your child screened when their permanent teeth start coming in, usually at about 6 years of age.

Early orthodontic care uses braces and other appliances, like palatal expanders, to ensure there is space for new teeth to come in. Since the jaw and palate are still growing, this is the ideal time to intervene in development. Learn about teeth correction options.

Early orthodontic care can be used to:

  • Create a path for the emergence of permanent teeth
  • Make room for emergence of permanent teeth
  • Direct jaw and palate growth
  • Straighten protruded or crooked teeth
  • Correct harm done from bad habits like thumb sucking

If you think your child could benefit from early orthodontic care, contact Dr. Elmore at Wilson Pediatric Dentistry to schedule an appointment. We hope to become your child’s regular pediatric dentist in Wilson, NC.