Protective Dental Sealant Near Greenville, NC

Even if your child is on top of their dental hygiene routine, they can still benefit from some extra cavity protection. Brushing the chewing surfaces of back molars can be difficult for kids. Having dental sealant applied can help provide a barrier of protection against harmful bacteria.

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Protect Your Child’s Teeth with Dental Sealant

Brushing isn’t always easy for children. Many find it especially difficult to thoroughly clean the grooved surfaces on the tops of their back teeth. These teeth are your child’s main chewing surface, and the bumps and valleys of the back teeth are great places for cavity-causing bacteria to hide.

Having dental sealant applied can help seal out bacteria from food, and prevent cavities. Sealant is a thin, protective layer of a special kind of plastic that covers your child’s back teeth. This procedure can fill in those hard-to-reach grooves on your son or daughter’s molars.

Application is a quick and easy procedure. The dentist uses cotton rolls to keep the teeth dry and applies the sealant with a brush. The process is completely painless and helps your child avoid the future pain of cavities.

Most children should have sealant applied when their permanent molars emerge, usually between ages 8 and 13. Your child may require implants on their primary teeth if they have particularly deep grooves.

Give your children an extra hand in fighting cavities with dental sealant. Schedule an appointment at our office near Rocky Mount and Knightdale, North Carolina, or reach out to us to learn more about our treatment options. We hope to become your pediatric dentist near Knightdale.