3 Reasons You Should Invest in a Mouthguard at Any Age

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While it may seem obvious to encourage a mouthguard to protect your child’s permanent teeth, it might surprise you how important a mouthguard is to the long-term health of your child’s mouth — even before the baby teeth are lost. Continue reading to learn more. 

The Importance of Mouthguards at Any Age

Full-Mouth Protection

While your child’s baby teeth will eventually be replaced by permanent teeth, his gums, jaw, and tongue will not be. A mouthguard is a simple way to provide full-mouth protection during any high-speed or contact sport. 

As soon as your child begins participating in sports, you’ll want to invest in a mouthguard. This will help to ensure your child’s baby teeth remain in place until the permanent teeth are ready to come in. It will also minimize the chance that your child experiences the trauma of cut gums, tongue issues, or a broken jaw. 

Your Child’s Mouth and Jaw Are Still Developing

Your child’s baby teeth act as placeholders to create the necessary space for the permanent teeth to come in. Losing those teeth prematurely can directly affect the way the permanent teeth develop and could result in costly expenses such as spacers to maintain the necessary gaps. 

Likewise, your child’s jaw is still developing and is not as strong as you may think. Damage to the jaw is a major trauma that could affect the way your child’s mouth develops as well as basic functions such as eating, drinking, and speaking. A mouthguard can provide added stability and protection for kids participating in contact sports.

Good Habits Last a Lifetime

Another reason to invest in a mouthguard when your child is young is to make the habit of using one second nature as he gets older. Just as you teach healthy oral hygiene habits like flossing and brushing, teach your child the importance of protecting his teeth during physical activity. This will instill healthy habits which will affect the long-term health of your child’s mouth and teeth. 

Early Orthodontic Services in Greenville, NC

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