When to Consider Braces for Your Child

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It’s a common assumption that braces are a cornerstone of the teenage experience. In fact, if you have a younger child, braces may not have even crossed your mind yet. 

The age at which each child may need to pursue orthodontic services is unique and dependent on a number of factors. Continue reading to explore some common reasons why you may need to start considering braces for your child. 

When to Start Thinking About Braces for Your Child

Once Permanent Teeth Come In

There is really no set age as to when a child may be referred for their first orthodontic appointment. In most circumstances, it is difficult to know with certainty which orthodontic services may be required before your child’s permanent teeth start to come in — generally around the age of 7. X-Rays and imaging can provide your child’s dentist with some insight into how and when the permanent teeth may erupt. 

It is important to note that just because your child may be referred to an orthodontist at a young age, this does not necessarily mean your child will immediately need braces. It just means the orthodontist will help monitor changes in your child’s teeth as they erupt to determine when the best time to use braces will be.

Teeth Are Overcrowded

If your child’s teeth appear to be overcrowded, this could affect how the rest of their permanent teeth grow in. If there is little room for the back molars or permanent teeth to erupt, your child’s teeth or bite could become misaligned without the use of space maintainers or orthodontic services. 

An Uneven Bite

Orthodontists specialize in problems related to both the teeth and jaw. If your child shows difficulty chewing or swallowing because the teeth do not meet or the jaw is misaligned, this could result in earlier conversations about braces, headgear, or other orthodontic appliances. 

Find a Pediatric Dentist in Wilson, NC

The good news is that while it may be helpful to be aware of these factors affecting when your child may require braces, your child’s dentist is well aware of these factors and will monitor the growth of your child’s teeth during routine cleanings. If your dentist sees a need for braces, she will recommend or refer your child to a local orthodontist

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