Understanding Disking and Its Role in Dental Health

Understanding Disking and Its Role in Dental Health

As you watch your children’s teeth develop, you may be concerned about alignment and spacing and wonder whether braces are in their future. No one wants to spend money on braces unnecessarily, and the good news is that you don’t have to. There is a teeth correction treatment called disking you can schedule with a pediatric dentist in Greenville to invest in your child’s teeth alignment, well before braces are even a possibility.

What Disking Does

This teeth correction treatment addresses early issues like crowding and misalignment. This preventative treatment helps prevent incoming teeth from adjusting and accommodating to the lack of space and becoming misaligned or crooked. 

It also helps prevent an increased risk of tooth decay, which is more common when the teeth are tightly packed together. This treatment can make a significant difference in a child’s tooth alignment and may even help prevent the need for braces in the future.

How It Works

When you visit our pediatric dentist in Greenville to learn more about this treatment process, our dental staff will evaluate your child’s teeth and confirm their eligibility. The dentist typically evaluates X-rays to determine if the patient is a good candidate for this treatment process. 

During the treatment, the dentist shaves very thin layers of enamel off the tooth or the surrounding teeth around the incoming tooth. This process creates more space for the new tooth, helps promote straight incoming teeth, and wards off tooth decay.

The Treatment Benefits

Aside from preventing tooth decay and promoting alignment, this treatment process has other benefits. When you visit Wilson Dental, your child will be treated by one of our trained dentists and caring staff. Since the treatment process only requires a small amount of enamel to be shaved off the tooth, it’s completely painless and won’t make the child uncomfortable. 

Disking potentially helps avoid future orthodontic work and may eliminate the need for braces, which are often uncomfortable and must be worn for a significant amount of time. This treatment will also save you money by potentially helping you avoid costly orthodontic work in the future, and it may even be covered by your dental insurance.

We can give you more information at an initial consultation if you’re interested in learning more about this unique, pain-free treatment that will help you invest in your child’s future smile. Contact Wilson Pediatric Dentistry today to schedule your appointment.

Benefits of Dental Disking

Oral Health
When a child’s permanent teeth come through, it can lead to crowding in the mouth and misalignment. No one wants such an exciting and momentous occasion to be ruined by these concerns, but luckily, there is a sophisticated way to correct them and leave teeth looking straight. It’s called disking: a method of finely shaving existing teeth so that there’s space for new ones. It’s now available at Wilson Pediatric Dentistry.


Benefits of Dental Disking

How Does This Treatment Work?

During this procedure, one of our trained dentists will carefully shave down the existing teeth of the patient to make more space for the incoming tooth. This will involve shaving either one or both of the teeth next to the new tooth. 


Because only the enamel is being touched, it’s a painless procedure and is very suitable for children. Our dentist can determine if this treatment is worthwhile using a Dental X-ray during a regular dental exam.


Why Should I Consider This Treatment for My Child?

By treating overcrowding and misalignment early, you may avoid orthodontic work down the road. Solutions such as braces become necessary when teeth are not straight, or too close together. Not only can braces be an uncomfortable and drawn-out process for your child, but they can be incredibly expensive. 


This treatment is often covered by insurance, which again makes it a great option for wallet-conscious parents. Check with your insurance provider to see if pediatric dentistry procedures are covered.


Is This Treatment Right for My Child?

Our experienced kids’ dentist in Greenville, NC, will be able to determine if this treatment is the best course of action or if there is an alternate technique that might be better suited to your child. For example, if they have lost a baby tooth prematurely, space maintainers may be recommended. These devices ensure existing teeth remain far enough apart so that there’s space for new teeth. If effective, space maintainers may negate the need for the shaving of teeth down the road.

Simple, cost-effective, and almost pain-free, disking can be an extremely potent way to correct a child’s teeth, leaving them with a healthy, hearty smile. Schedule an appointment with our local pediatric dentist in Greenville, NC. We are an ideal destination for treating all kinds of oral health concerns, as well as offering services like X-rays, emergency procedures, and even early orthodontic treatments. Your child should be visiting a dentist from as early as one-year-old, so come by Wilson Pediatric Dentistry today.